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Say ‘Goodbye' to Wasted Time

As a property manager, you know recovering from a phone call and returning to the task at hand can take precious minutes – or even hours – out of your workday.

Competition is fierce. You can’t afford to lose even one lead to a missed or ignored call. Your dilemma: time is at a premium, your employees have important work to do, and hiring additional staff is not cost-effective.

Focus Answering Service’s customized solutions can free up your company’s resources. Our professional answering service focuses on your callers so you can focus on your business.

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Why Property Managers Hire Call Centers

Phone Answering

Do you get the same questions over and over again? Our agents don’t just take messages – they give out information, too! We can fax or email, and forward any follow-up forms directly to your callers. Focus offers good listeners with friendly voices, quick and knowledgeable service, and the freedom to run your company.

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Appointment Scheduling

We can work in your appointment software or ours. Focus offers cohesive startup packages, benefiting new companies by helping them avoid the investment in costly in new software.

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Say ‘Hello’ to a New Way of Winning Trust

Focus Answering Service has been family owned and operated for more than three decades. Our agents have experience and longevity. Scripting is crafted using key phrases and bullet points, so conversations never sound forced or unnatural.

All calls are answered in real time by a compassionate and knowledgeable team member, resulting in:

  • Fewer mistakes
  • Lower costs
  • Faster service
  • Better representation

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The Value of the Messages We Take...Priceless

Why Property Managers Should Use An Answering Service

Our free guide, “11 Reasons Why Property Managers Should Use An Answering Service” reveals 11 different ways a telephone answering service has proven to be an invaluable resource for property managers across the country, complete with case studies from our own company that illustrate the “power of a person.”

Certified and Dependable!

Focus is the only professional answering service in Maryland to be awarded a 24/7 Gold Site Certification. That means we are operational 99.99% of the time, and always here for you.

You can count on Focus to:

  • Protect your reputation
  • Build your business
  • Treat all callers with respect
  • Challenge our agents to meet your highest standards
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