Elevator Contractor Answering Service

Focus Helps You Rise Above the Competition
elevator contractor answering service

As a comprehensive elevator contractor answering service, Focus helps you provide stellar customer service to the myriad property owners and managers who rely on your expertise.

Our knowledgeable and committed agents seamlessly serve as an extension of your business, delivering calls and dispatching crews around the clock using custom solutions that combine text, email, and voice and adhere to your company’s established protocols.

In Case of an Elevator Emergency

Getting people where they need to go safely is an unspoken responsibility of all elevator contractors and repairmen.

When a visitor headed to the top floor hits that emergency call button because the car has screeched to a halt, you want a voice that is confident, calm, and reassuring to be the first thing they hear.

Our knowledgeable and compassionate agents are trained to handle any situation that may arise. They will keep your patron focused and relaxed, while assessing the situation completely.

Authorized officials will then be notified and updated with complete information including:

  • The caller’s name
  • Their location
  • The elevator number and caller ID

Callers are then reassured that a technician has been dispatched and is on his way.

Take Efficiency to the Next Level

Focus Answering Service will help you prioritize your time by streamlining internal communication between managers and maintenance crews.

We do it all:

  • Responding to entrapment calls
  • Fielding status updates from staff
  • Answering calls for maintenance/routine work requiring shut down
  • Alerting property managers of outages
  • Notifying on-call technicians
  • Screening for false alarms and pranks

Allow us to work with you to develop a custom service tailored to individual properties you serve. If necessary, our elevator company answering service will maintain a database of multiple properties and all applicable elevators and elevator numbers.

We are a local 24-hour answering service, catering to a number of industries and intense requirements. We can make sure your guests reach their floor safely, securely, and satisfactorily, sending your reputation as a place to do business through the roof.

Elevator Company Answering Service